Victor Badami II




↟ WALDAMI,  wintersession 2017 x spring 2018

↟ WALDAMI, wintersession 2017 x spring 2018

↟ advanced woodworking,  fall 2017

↟ advanced woodworking, fall 2017

↟ grad studio 01,  fall 2017

↟ grad studio 01, fall 2017


rhode island school of design ( risd )

Masters of Industrial Design (2.5 years)


Old things have always captivated me and from early on in elementary school, I found myself drawn to history – the periods, the people, the costumes. It was however, the very places these great events occurred that consumed my imagination. I was in awe of the architecture and how it out lived its period in time.

While studying at the University of Virginia I was confronted by the dichotomy of the historic architectural legacy of the grounds in contrast to the modern school of architecture, whose curriculum focused heavily on contemporary design. At first I resigned that my love for such archaic vestiges had no place in my desire to be relevant in the field today. Simplicity and minimal were words and ideals that I soon came to embrace, love and adopt into my own vocabulary. However, as I continued to study and experiment, working with some of the faculty I soon realized that I could distill the principles of classical architecture that I respected and infuse them into the new language and clarity of modern design in which I practiced. 

Since the University, I worked in high-end private residential, predominantly with gut-renovations of historic structures. I find that I enjoy the scale and intimacy that I have with each project, client and structure. Here details, textures and materiality matter as I work to preserve the integrity of the existing structure while creating both something new and functional, celebrating and facilitating the daily rituals of one’s life.

Yet still, I became restless. I recognized then and now that I want to be part of more than just the envelope and decorative elements fastened to it. I want to be part of the narrative more broadly as a designer, to design the objects contained within the space itself. I hunger to be given the opportunity to work with my hands again, beyond a drawing board, but rather to physically shape, carve, and create something new. I look to fine-tune my skill-sets in order to be able to produce expertly the designs in which I envision – which extend from furniture and cabinetry, to decorative and functional pieces and objects both for display and use in daily life. 

For several years now I have acquired a modest collection of antiques that reflect what I find beautiful, and inadvertently what I value as a designer: the visual composition – the aesthetics, the quality of material, the expert craft – hand tooled or machined, and the timelessness of the piece. Yves Saint Laurent who once said, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”, and in agreement I believe there is a continuum of true beauty and good design throughout history and I have and will continue to strive for my work to be apart of this legacy. 


* letter for RISD admission application


↟ production ceramics,  spring 2017

↟ production ceramics, spring 2017

↟ soft goods,  fall 2017

↟ soft goods, fall 2017

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