Victor Badami II



waldami, a card game

( winter 2017 — spring 2018 )

MEDIUM : Cardboard x coated cardstock


We intend this game to be played by and accessible to all.  Our game transcends cultural and generational boundaries, allowing people from all walks of life to engage in play. Furthermore, recognizing patterns stimulates the mind and encourages cognitive development. Play to recognize.



↟ prototype studies : packaging design


About the creators.

DAVID X VICTOR met at RISD in 2017, both graduates looking to complete their 2.5 year Masters of Industrial Design. As fate has it, they were assigned as partners for a week long design charratte, charged with the design brief of creating a game ( card game, board game, etc+ ) that imparts knowledge in some respect on the users through the guise of play.

They believe they created a game people will want to play! 


David Walden

“The two qualities that I respond to most are functionality and materiality. In my mind, the success of a design is directly proportional to its functionality. While I appreciate the effort and innovation that goes into creating a refined piece of software or web page, I find myself quickly losing interest if there isn’t some tactile element to the experience. Physical interaction is an important part of the human experience, and it’s crucial for cultivating healthy members of society”. 


Victor Badami II

“In design, I find I am most drawn most to the visual and tactile qualities of an object. Clarity of form and cohesiveness of an object’s parts together establish a visual logic and story. Beyond what you can see, is what you can feel. It is an object’s tactile nature that can further reveal a function through the engagement of the hand.

Instinctually drawn to minimalism and restrained design, I believe in the subtle layers of meaning that may not be initially identifiable until closer scrutiny and in turn impart a deeper level of understanding or meaning. This relationship between the hand and eye is crucial in the design of an objects”.

↟ prototype studies : branding and card explorations